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Well I don’t know if any of you guys noticed but there was no journal yesterday! Sadface. I’ve been having some CTD issues with Skyrim I’m assuming relating to some mods I’ve been tinkering with and I haven’t had enough time outside of school, work, and studying to solve it. At least not yet! I’m sorry for the inconvenience! I plan to have it fixed by today (hopefully) or tomorrow the latest. I will also try my best to get caught up to date on my entries! Sorry again for the sporadic journal updates as of late guys! Please bear with me! In the meantime, go check out the other skyrim blogs I have on my left sidebar! They are all fantastic!

Well I wanted to note down all that happened in the Vampire lair yesterday but after what happened, getting back to Morthal, and talking to the Jarl, I just collapsed in my room at the Moorside. I won’t lie. It felt great driving my arrows through the hearts of some of those vampires. There was no reasoning with them. They were too far gone. Beyond return. I wasn’t able to help them. They are better off now and so is Skyrim. No, all of Tamriel.

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I’m so nervous. My hands won’t stop shaking. At the same time, I’m so excited! I can see the sun trying to rise in the horizon. Dawn. I need to go to the northern marshes and find Falion. He can start this damn ritual and I’ll be free. At last. Human. Finally.

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So sorry to all my readers! I just realized it’s Thursday! I did not upload a new journal entry yesterday!! I’m so bad! I got too caught up in school this week here. A philosophy paper, Organizational Theory tests, Financial Accounting tests! I’m all over the place! Nonetheless these are no excuses! I will have two journals updated, edited, and ready to be uploaded tomorrow. I guarantee it! Two entries to make up for the lack of one yesterday!

I got here Morthal early in the morning but Falion was still asleep and I’d rather not break into the home of the mage that was supposed to help me cure my… illness. So I rested at the Moorside inn until the sun has set. That damn sun! Soon we can be friends again. No more having to fear its scorching beams. Soon!

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 I spent most of last night wondering around Windhelm, feeling sorry for the Argonians and Dark Elves that live here. Why don’t they just leave I wonder? I wouldn’t accept being treated that way if I were them. There’s lots of other places in Skyrim…

 I slept most of the day away. The sun is just starting to set, not quite gone yet so I better stay inside. Order some food here and eat. Make it look like blood isn’t the only thing I’m craving as a meal right now.

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—Heartfire, 8th, 4E 201—

There’s not much to say when you’re spending all your time in your room on a boat. I fear going outside and talking to the crew. I tried that earlier today because I didn’t want the crew getting suspicious of who they were taking to Windhelm. It was a mistake. I couldn’t keep my eyes from always drifting to their necks. I want their blood. I NEED their blood. It’s just wasting away inside them, I could drink it, use it, make it my own. I could make so much more use out of their blood coursing through me than “their” stupid veins.

 What did I just write?! It’s these strange impulses that are getting harder and harder to control! They keeps me holding myself up in this room. I don’t just fear for myself, I fear for the crew!

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